Survey carried out on July 12, 2024
THERMOPLAST team’s satisfaction


« THERMOPLAST offers much more than PVC, providing an entire team of fenestration professionals. »

Marc Sylvain,
President and CEO, Isothermic
Sainte-Julie, QC, Canada

Logo Isothermic.

« Abritek and THERMOPLAST have enjoyed a solid business partnership for over 25 years. We always feel supported by this dedicated team and our privileged relationship with each member of the team makes all the difference in the realization of our projects. Working with THERMOPLAST means positioning your business ahead of the wave with renowned quality products. Not to mention that we can take advantage of technical support, marketing and elite customer service. »

Bianca Dupuis,
Executive Director, Abritek
Saint-Georges, QC, Canada

Logo Abritek.

« For my company, THERMOPLAST stands out as a leader in fenestration solutions. They are at the forefront of product development and certifications for the ENERGY STAR program. In addition, my association with the Concerto banner gives me visibility and marketing support that my business greatly benefits. Well done to Jean, Martin and your entire team. »

Yves Côté,
President, Fenêtres Coté
Alma, QC, Canada

Logo Fenêtres Coté.

« THERMOPLAST is not just a supplier; they are our partner sharing in our success for over 15 years. We have co-designed some of the most innovative products in the industry thanks to their knowledge, experience and willingness to try what has not yet been done. Their execution on quality and delivery is second to none and Thetmoplast’s responsiveness and ability to problem solve ensures they maintain those high standards. »

Greg Dickie,
President, Atlantic Windows
Port Elgin, NB, Canada

Logo Atlantic Windows.

« We have been with THERMOPLAST for 15 years and have never regretted this choice. Despite employee departures for various reasons, continuity was assured. Dedicated people, they’re always a step ahead of changes. Offering quality products that meet all needs and industry standards. With THERMOPLAST, we feel like we’re working together and not just another customer. The mutual success of our companies depends on partnership and communication. As for the employees who have moved on, you can be proud of your seamless continuity. In the view of many industry players, we are fortunate to be part of this group. Thank you all. »

Gaëtan Girard,
Executive Director, Portes & Fenêtres LGC
Chicoutimi, QC, Canada

Logo Portes & Fenêtres LGC.

« The companies in our supply chain are much more than just providers of materials, they are our partners. Over the past 25 years, THERMOPLAST has contributed to the development of products specifically intended for our business, empowering our growth as a result. Their technical knowledge is a major asset for our research and development team. Thank you to THERMOPLAST for your excellent collaboration. »

Pascal Chalifour,
President, Solaris
L'Ange-Gardien, QC, Canada

Logo Solaris.

« Since its foundation in 1988, Fenêtres Concept has been a THERMOPLAST partner. It has always been easy to form good relationships with all members of the THERMOPLAST team, they are real partners. Their technical knowledge is an immeasurable support for a window manufacturer. They are proactive and think long term. »

Éric Généreux,
President, Fenêtres Concept
Terrebonne, QC, Canada

Logo Fenêtres Concept.

« To allow us to remain on the cutting edge of technology, THERMOPLAST is an essential partner. »

Pierre Beauchêne,
President, Fenergic
Warwick, QC, Canada

Logo Fenergic.

« I am entering my fourth year with them and I have never regretted my choice. Very good team at all levels: products, service and inventory. Thank you to the whole team! »

Michel Poirier,
President, PF Expert
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada

Logo PF Expert.
Survey carried out on July 12, 2024
THERMOPLAST team’s satisfaction